Christine and Larry

“Henry’s House is a beautiful home in a lovely, quiet neighborhood. When we arrived, we were welcomed as if we were family. Stacey is a beautiful and loving soul. Her “Kitty Greeting Committee” is too! If you need the comfort of “family” (and I believe we all do), you will find it here at Henry’s House. We are eternally grateful for Stacey and her compassion.”

Jan E

“Henry’s House was WONDERFUL! It was a great place to stay during my treatments. It was very convenient and had everything I needed. It is a very warm and welcoming environment. I am so glad that there is a place like Henry’s House for people traveling into Spokane. I HIGHLY recommend it! THANK YOU STACEY for opening up your home for people in their time of need.”
Jan B

“Henry’s House is a warm, comfortable, safe and restful place to stay. God has blessed Stacey with a generous heart. Her love for others at such an overwhelming time in their lives, is heaven sent! I am EVER SO GRATEFUL for Stacey and Henry’s House”
Luella and Frank

“We were welcomed to stay at Henry’s House on June 19th, 2018 and stayed for a full month until July 19th, 2018. During this month, the hostess Stacey, organized everything inside and outside) to suit our needs. Stacey even surprised me (the cancer patient) with a nice birthday card and candle gift. We strongly appreciate the generous hospitality!!”
Linda W.

“I stayed at Henry’s House for four days during my husband’s treatment in Spokane. It was so peaceful and quiet and had everything I needed. Thank you Stacey for welcoming me to your beautiful home!”